Sunday, July 7, 2013

My back Yard #1

I believe everyone should do something to calm nerves. I have been doing hobbies for years, it helps me feel complete. I love my Yard, making it inviting for the squirrels, birds, butterflies & other insects. Growing plants, watching them get bigger , the mixture of greens, whites & yellow. My favorite plant is anything that is variegated, which means a combination of green & white or yellow.  I have a Boston Fern that is so cool, its long stems with finger like ends, looks lush and frilly. A hardy flowing plant , Vinca or sometimes called Periwinkle,  Grows up strong and flowers almost all year. It just can't make it in the Cold.  But if left alone the Vinca will grow back in the Spring Even more Lush & Colorful.

Texas State Bird
These birds are fun to watch. They fly in swooping motions, and don't get to close to their nest, this bird will swoop down to your head, to scare you away.  If a cat comes by, its so fun to watch them. The Mockingbird will aggravate that cat until it runs away.

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