Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Acrylic Art

Painting is very relaxing, the Colors Mixing, the designs you create. Abstract painting lets you be yourself in the designing of a painting. I love the matching of colors, I read that each artist should have a certain technique that is their own. Mine is called Flowing Colors. Its consists of uneven stripes of different colors, dripping and scribbling. I have done 2 so far. I have also tried painting flowers in abstract, a tree and a Mix Media piece.  Those were not as enjoyable as the Flowing Colors.  I am working on a bigger piece, 24" x 30.  Its going to be called " I feel Blue", lots of shades of blue & white with twists and turns.
If you want to relieve Stress in your everyday routine, pick up a brush and start painting.


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  1. Your paintings are very Inspiring <3! I have many pieces in my home truly beautiful calming and relaxing art work. enjoyable for all my friends and family. thank you hope to see many more from you .


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